Fundación Don Juan de Borbón invites female composers to participate in the 7th International Composition Competition María de Pablos, which takes place in Segovia (Spain). The aim of the competition is encouraging and promoting talented female composers in their careers, while honoring the Segovian composer María de Pablos (1904 – 1990).

The competition has a preliminary and a final round.

The preliminary round will take place in October 2024. A jury will select three works that will be performed at a live concert during the Final Round.

The Final Round will take place in Segovia (Spain), on January 25th, 2025 in the “Encuentro Mujeres Músicas María de Pablos”. The jury will award three prizes. There will be also an Audience Award.

We are pleased to announce that, as for the 2024 edition, Iberia will collaborate with the travel expenses of the composers selected for the Final Round.

The competition’s rules are as follows: